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For this archive feature, we've dug up an interview with Lorde, originally published in the fall of 2013, around the release of her second single. 

Meet Lorde, our favorite new pop star. If you haven’t already seen her latest video for “Tennis Court" or heard her debut EP, you will soon. Despite a lifetime of being an artist (that's 16 years) and an unassumingly creative persona, Lorde only just performed live for the first time this year, both a personal and professional milestone. Today, The Love Club EP has sold over 10,000 copies, and while fans and media are rhapsodic over what's to come, we caught a lovely moment with Ms Lorde — who, by the way, is handling her newfound schedule with the nonchalance of a practiced pro. interviewed by Sara Querques

Hi Lorde! How are you?

Hi! I’m good thank you.

What’s going on, how’s your day?

Well, it’s 9 o’clock in the morning here, I just got to the studio, and I’m pretty tired.

So. Tell me about what’s been going on with you! Everything is blowing up lately, huh?

Yeah.. I mean, it’s crazy. Like, I guess I’m kind of further away from it, ’cause I’m just busy working on my album.

You’re coming to the U.S. in September, for the very first time. Are you going to be performing, or touring... There is certainly an eagerness building. 

Yes! Very first time, I’m super excited. It’s not going to be a tour, but I will be performing for sure.

Cool! In New York, L.A.?

Hopefully both those places! But not sure, for sure yet.

Your first live show in New Zealand was just three months ago! What was that like?

Yep! It was a very, very strange experience...because, the whole room was full of people that I know. I just invited friends and family, so it was packed, and it was like, kind of all for me — which is something that most normal people haven’t experienced. Like a hundred or two hundred people coming out just to see me. So, it was scary! But I loved it.

I’m sure your friends and family loved it, too! So, The Love Club EP is out, and it’s climbing the charts... Sorry for the lack of a better expression! But anyways, where are you going next with it? You mentioned you're in the studio, is an album underway?

Well, my record will be out in September, and I think that's the next thing you’ll get from me. I’ll just keep quiet.

Fair Enough! Tell me about the "Tennis Video." We can't stop watching it here at SHK.

We didn’t turn up to shoot that day intending to shoot that video, but somehow it worked out that way and that was kind of what we all thought was really compelling and just really cool to look at, you know?

Do you love it?

I love it! I love it. I wouldn’t put anything out that I didn’t love.


Where do you let your inspirations linger?

Well, I’m quite a visual person. So a lot of the inspiration I have is visual, in the form of photography, film and T.V. shows. I think that’s the easiest way of seeing... like, with stuff I’m being approached with all the time. I usually have a quite clear visual of the things that are important to me, the songs that keep coming back..

But yeah. I love a lot of movies, a lot of T.V.. I love the Sopranos, and I love Mad Men, and those are two large visual influences to me, I really like those.

Ah! Mad Men is awesome, and the Sopranos, obviously — well, I’m from New Jersey, so.

Oh wow... Wait, did you say you’re from New Jersey?! Have you been over the Turnpike and stuff??

[Laughs] Yes! I drive on it all the time.

Oh my god, cool! You’re like Tony Soprano.

We love him. Rest in peace. But back to you... Did you find it important to yourself to keep the writing process solo?

Yeah, absolutely. Like, I’m popular because of stuff that I’ve been writing, you know, not that a bunch of 40-year-old dudes in a room have been writing, so.. It makes sense to me to kind of maintain that, I don’t know, I don’t think I’d be like, “oh yeah, cool, I’m just gonna sing this other thing.."


With everything as it is now, what are your dreams, or goals, morphing into as you grow?

Hmm! I think like, sometimes it’s too difficult to have one big goal, because stuff is gonna happen. So I guess I just want to keep making stuff that I’m really proud of and that resonates with me and that I can tour and promote and be proud to sell, I think.

So lovely! You’re 16, which I'm sure everyone notes on! But aside from that, who are you looking at right now? Who are your favorite musicians?

My favorite musicians are umm — sorry, I’m just eating breakfast right now — I really like an electronic musician called Two Inch Punch, he’s awesome, I’m into a lot of electronic music. 

Are you into fashion?

Yeah, I am! I really like clothes, but I’m not very good with designers and all that stuff..

What do you do when you’re not working? How do you have fun?

Um... I mean, I go to house parties. We do what teenagers do. We drive around and get really bored and eat food and stuff.

That’s pretty much what I did at 16. Except, I wasn’t a rising pop star. Actually, I shouldn’t call you that — how do you categorize yourself, if you do at all?

I mean, technically I am a pop star, because what I do gets played on the radio. You know, but, people think pop star is a dirty word because pop music is always just brainless and stupid, so maybe a lot of people are like, “Oh, I don’t want to be classified as a pop star.” But I’m happy with that. I’m fine with it.


How long have you known you wanted to be some type of artist?

I’ve always, always, always been creative. It has never been about anything else for me. I was good at school, always — but English, things to do with film, art, and all those sorts of things... I’ve always kind of known what I wanted to do. But for a long time, I just wrote short fiction, and I thought that’s what I wanted to do. And then I was into editing, I like editing people’s manuscripts and things like that... Then I started fucking around with music and that became the thing that I was just in love with.

Before we say goodbye: what’s one thing that you think everyone should see, hear, and know?

Oh mannn. Okay. One thing that everyone should SEE is..

The full Sopranos TV show. You gotta do it, you gotta do it.

One thing you have to HEAR..

Oh man, probably, I’m going to say that Burial is a really important artist for people living in 2013 to hear.

And one thing that you should KNOW..

Hmmmm, oh man, I don’t know, it’s the morning! I’m going to say, breakfast is underrated.